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Maths in Nature Workshop series

"In a voyage that takes us from the embryo to the stars, we will encounter the many faces of pi. Sometimes the divine proportion can be mysteriously perplexing and enigmatic, leaving us wondering what it is really about. Sometimes it is so obvious, we wonder that we had not noticed it before."

Is there a logical pattern behind the way shells, pinecones, leaves or flowers grow, or is it just random? Why do bees choose a hexagon for their hive?

In this workshop series we will explore number patterns and geometry to see how they express themselves in the world around us. We will construct stellar forms within a circle using a compass, a process which develops mathematical and hand-eye precision, as well as an artistic appreciation of beauty. We will investigate the Fibonacci sequence and how this leads to a golden proportion that is the secret to many forms in nature.

This journey will encompass art, poetry, movement and complex mathematics, so we can see the connections between them. We might begin with a ball game or forest walk, then make complicated calculations or predictions, and end by colouring artistically the beautiful forms we have created.

These workshops can be attended casually as single sessions, but are best experienced as a series, where each builds upon the ideas before. At the end, each student will have produced their own book that records their learnings.

Where: Art Studio, Selby Community House

When: Thursdays 9.30-11.30am

Feb 3rd - Apr 7th

Who can attend: 11-14 year olds

Cost: $30 casual or $260 for the term of 10 sessions

Parents $10 casual

What to bring: lead pencils, sharpener, rubber, ruler, compass, coloured pencils (paper & extra materials will be provided)

Bookings: email


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