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learn from your passion.

design your own project.

build lifelong skills.

What is Project-based tutoring?

My mission is to help young people elevate their passions and interests into a real-world project that makes a difference. The project becomes a platform into which research, literacy, numeracy and interpersonal skills are woven in an authentic and meaningful way.

Open Book
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Write a book

Art Gallery
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Run your own business

Open For Business
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Curate an art exhibition

Climate Change Banners
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Start a charity

Plastic Bag in Ocean

Want to hold a nature-themed exhibition to raise money for protecting threatened habitats? This will involve creating an online campaign, contacting galleries, writing articles, calculating fundraising targets and performing a speech at opening night. Whatever you choose, you will develop confidence across a range of disciplines, be part of your community and have fun!

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Paint Brush
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Brainstorm & research ideas

Set goal & steps to get there


Edit & make changes

Present to the world

Who can do it?

Project-based Tutoring is open to young people aged 8-16 years old. Due to aligning philosophies & time available, I am mainly targeting homeschool families in Melbourne's Outer East & Dandenong Ranges. We will create a vision and timeline together based on what works for your family, and can hone in on particular skills, whether it is adding fractions, grammar or essay writing.


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A tailor-made project that meets your aspirations and learning needs

Small groups


A collaborative project that weaves in everyone's unique interests and learning needs


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Workshop series centred around a multifaceted theme or topic

What will sessions look like?

Sessions can look how you want them to. We might start with a warm-up game, song, reading, spelling quiz or mental arithmetic, depending on your focus areas. Then we will move into project work, whether it is coming up with ideas, calling stakeholders, or creating your masterpiece. We may be at your house, the library, museum, or an event space. We will finish by reflecting on what we have achieved, and what needs to be done before next session.

I will be your guide, mentor & ally through the creative process of bringing your idea to life. From brainstorming to the final product, my role is to scaffold and offer insight & direction along the way, but you are ultimately in the driver's seat.


Who am I?

I am Tanya Rao, a fully registered teacher with experience in both primary and secondary settings. My background is in Steiner education, so I bring that knowledge with me & have a rich stockpile of activities to draw from.

I wouldn't say I limit myself to one particular teaching method - I work intuitively with each child to bring out what is living in them. Curiosity, warmth and humour are important. I am still a big believer in the bread & butter foundations - sometimes a bit of old-fashioned direct instruction doesn't go astray!

My subject strengths are English, Maths and the Humanities. Apart from education, my passions are writing (I've been published here & there), singing, art & fashion, social justice & the environment.




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